Sectarian zealotry in the Qur’an

Sectarian zealotry

This short article from The Qur’an: A Complete Revelation summarises the translation decision in that book for the term baghy.

baghy – sectarian zealotry

The Traditionalist renders this variously – and not incorrectly – as tyranny, oppression, outrage, envy and synonyms. However, this rendering conveys the result and not primary causes of the value.

The context at 2:90 indicates clearly that baghy is a reprehensible act based on a sectarian distinction or pride:

Evil is that for which they sold themselves by denying what God sent down, through sectarian zealotry

That God should send down of his bounty upon whom he wills of his servants.

So they incurred wrath upon wrath[…] (2:90)

It is true that the values the Traditionalist uses convey the result. However, by rendering as sectarian zealotry the connection with the cause of such acts is maintained.

All instances in the text are footnoted.


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