The female companions of the garden

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We deal here with the subject of ḥūr ʿīn and kawāʿib as used in the Qur’an. While some well-intentioned Qur’an-centric researchers may baulk at the Traditionalist’s values for these terms (coming as they do from the ḥadīth) a full and systematic comparison of instances and contexts reveals the Traditionalist’s values here to be fully sustainable […]

Year of Jubilee – no special tax on non-Muslims

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Interpretation of 9:36-37 The Traditionalist is ever straining to gain seeming legitimacy for his non-Qur’anic material; one of the ways he achieves this is by asserting explanations for parts of the Qur’an which originate in his non-Qur’anic material and then claiming that one is unable to understand the text without accepting the conclusions which he […]

Zakat in the Qur’an

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zakāt – purity The Traditionalist claims that the expression ātā al zakāt means to pay a specific annual tax on wealth in order to purify it. I previously subscribed to the view that ātā al zakāt bore some relation to the value the Traditionalist claims for it albeit in a way which precluded any insistence […]

The meaning of the mysterious letters in the Qur’an

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The question of the meaning of the mysterious letters in the Quran – known in Arabic as the muqaṭṭaʿāt – has both intrigued and frustrated Muslims since the time of the revelation over 1,400 years ago. Many theories have been advanced as to the meaning of the muqaṭṭaʿāt – or mysterious letters – none of them convincing. In the […]

E-book 3.0 edition notes

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The following text summarises the main area of changes in the 3.0 edition. More information can be found in the Edition Notes section of the site. You can download the e-book free below. I have become aware since releasing previous e-book editions of this work that my presentation fell at a common fence in that […]

In a nutshell: what I believe

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Traditionalist Islam claims – and is typically supported tacitly in its claim by the Orientalist scholar and mainstream media – that the Qur’an may be fully understood only via the Traditionalist and his recourse to a vast later literature called the ḥadīth; it also maintains that, taken together, the Qur’an and the ḥadīth provide the […]

Islam and Democracy: two of a kind

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Islam is a lot like Democracy. That statement might surprise you, but let me explain. I don’t say that Islam and Democracy are similar superficially. But they have some very concrete underlying areas of correspondence. Firstly, they are both usurping ideologies. The United States – whence definitions and impositions of Democracy hail – was not […]

Is hijab in the Qur’an?

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Many assume that the hijab is in the Qur’an – or, more specifically, many assume that what is thought of today as female Islamic dress is required by the Qur’an. In this post I clarify what the Qur’an itself says on this disproportionately emotive subject. The word ḥijāb occurs 7 times the Qur’an (at 7:46, 17:45, 19:17, 33:53, […]

The elite can only end badly

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It’s easy if you are involved 9/11 truth or fighting the full-spectrum dominance the elite is rolling out to lose sight of the big picture. I don’t just mean the big picture of the fact that our governments are directed by intergenerational Satanic psychopaths. I mean a picture bigger than that. Along with all the standard […]

The sky in the Qur’an

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We are brought up today with a conception of the earth and the heavens which is broadly mythological. According to this mythology Earth is a ball spinning at a 1,000 mph at the equator. The ball is governed by a magic energy called gravity. This magic energy is strong enough to withstand the centrifugal forces […]