Here we list common questions regarding The Qur'an: A Complete Revelation. For other types of FAQ go here.

The translation
  1. Why do you use thee and thou in your translation? 
    The translation is a strict function of the hermeneutic method which underpins the project. It is not designed as a poetic interpretation. The decision to use thee, thou, thy, thine was taken so that the singular and plural persons may be clearly identified. Shifts in person are significant in the Arabic original, and using this convention makes it immediately clear in English where such shifts occur. That leaves us with the dual (for which English has no equivalent). In those cases, notes are supplied.
  2. I am not a native English speaker and I find the language a little challenging.
    See the answer above. Also, the translation uses language very precisely and consistently. This project is designed for educated native speakers of English. It is not aimed at an audience for which English is not the first language. Ideally, this work will be translated with equal precision into other world languages.