The flat earth in the Qur’an

How to do we really know the earth is round?

We all know the earth is round because, uh, well, we’ve watched a lot of TV.

And because of the globes we had in our classes at school.

And because NASA says so.

And because NASA wouldn’t lie to us.

This is the same NASA which faked the moon landings.

(The mistakes in that piece of theatre would embarrass a schoolboy. Their litany of howlers begins with the earth being shown as the same size from the moon as the moon is from the earth and goes downhill from there.)

I have several problem with NASA.

Firstly, it only seems to exist to keep ‘Space’ in our consciousness – presumably so the ruling elite can keep an option open on a fake alien invasion to herd the masses into accepting open world tyranny.

Secondly, it chews up hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars.

Thirdly, they are proven liars.

Fourthly, NASA is the priesthood of a religion (only NASA has the equipment to verify the claims NASA makes).

Fifthly, the women’s hair in the ISS ‘live feeds’ is just annoying. It’s all over the place – and the only reason seems to be: to prove they really, really, really are in Space. (This is supposed to be a military operation – why would they be allowed to float about spreading hair and dandruff everywhere? Even flight attendants on civilian flights have to keep their hair back.)

I don’t feel like I live on a spinning ball. I only have NASA’s word for it. And, frankly, I have no good reason to believe either them or the media system which promotes both NASA and their ‘genius’ Einstein.

If you haven’t looked into it yet, I suggest you do. Don’t get distracted by hearsay and popular assumptions and mathematics (when scientists describe something using numbers it’s like you or me describing something using words – you can describe anything you like, but that doesn’t make it true). Stick to evidence. Tangible evidence.

See Eric Dubay and Jeranism on YouTube for intelligent modern summaries, or look into Samuel Rowbotham who was saying the same thing in different words long ago.

In the absence of anything but CGI and insultingly badly acted press conferences from NASA, I’m going to stick with the evidence of my own eyes and the word of God.

According to the Qur’an:

  • The sun and moon are both in ceaseless motion
  • The sun and moon run for a fixed term
  • The day hastens after the night
  • The earth is fixed (no concept of a turning ball)
  • The earth is flat and spread out like a carpet while the sky is a physical structure
  • God holds the sky up

For more on the sky in the Qur’an, see here.

Some related Qur’anic verses

And he made serviceable to you the sun and the moon, both ceaseless.
And he made serviceable to you the night and the day. (14:33)

God it is who raised up the heavens
Without pillars you can see.
Then he took his place upon the throne.
And he made serviceable the sun and the moon
Each running for a named term.
He directs the matter.
He sets out and details the proofs
That you might be certain of the meeting with your lord(13:2)

Your lord is God who created the heavens and the earth in six days
Then took his place upon the throne.
He covers the night, the day hastening after it constantly.
And the sun and the moon and the stars are made serviceable by his command.
In truth: to him belong the creation and the command.
Blessed be God
The Lord of All Mankind! (7:54)

If: he who made the earth a fixed lodging
And made rivers in its midst
And made firm mountains therein
And made a barrier between the two seas:
Is there any god with God?
The truth is: most of them know not(27:61)

Who made the earth for you a carpet
And the sky a structure
And sent down from the sky water
Then brought forth thereby some fruits as provision for you.
So make not equals to God.
And you know. (2:22)

Hast thou not considered how God made what is in the earth serviceable to you?
And the ship runs upon the sea by his command.
And he holds the sky lest it fall on the earth save by his leave.
God is to mankind kind, merciful(22:65)

This is a good video to start with if this is a new subject to you. I also recommend looking up Eric Dubay on YouTube.

See also my article: The Qur’anic Model of the Heavens and the Earth.


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