The Elite can only end badly

Why believers shouldn’t fear the Elite

It’s easy if you are involved in 9/11 truth or fighting the full-spectrum dominance the elite are rolling out to lose sight of the big picture.

I don’t just mean the big picture of the fact that our governments are directed by intergenerational Satanic psychopaths. I mean a picture bigger than that.

Along with all the standard rubbish about man evolving out of fish (Evolution is a very old idea and goes back at least as far as Empedocles in Ancient Greece – whose ideas are laughed at today but are no more insane than what we are expected to swallow), the accidental Universe theory, and the ball-Earth hypothesis (maintained by the CGI departments of NASA and Hollywood), we are also indoctrinated into the idea that this life is all there is.

Just remember: the same people who are saying you are an overblown microbe, that the Universe came into being with no designer or creator, and that even though roads are laid flat and water lies flat and everything feels still and looks flat we are, in fact, on a ball hurtling through Space at breakneck speed– yes, these people want us to accept as axiomatic that this life is all there is.

Solipsism is a natural corollary to physical relativism. Or in plain English: if you’re just a microbe in an obscure corner of the universe you can choose to believe what you like.

But it matters what you believe. As G.K. Chesterton observed, it is the only thing that matters.

And it is the only thing that matters because everything else issues forth from that wellspring.

And this is why the NWO is so heavily focused on directing our beliefs: once it’s got you believing you are microbe whose only purpose is to shop and fornicate, you won’t be ready to die for a higher purpose.

Microbes don’t have a higher purpose.

Despite the smoke and mirrors of pseudo-science and the culture-creation industry, we are created beings – created by God and for a purpose. And the Universe is the work of his hands.

It is wonderful to see that people are waking up to the verifiable fact that the shape and location of Earth correspond to what both the Tanakh (Jewish Bible) and Qur’an say.

And since such things are now being outed as true, it puts the remaining assertions of those proven liars who give us our culture in question also.

I accept the Qur’an as a valid and complete revelation from God. And I reject the religion called Islam on the basis of its contents.

The Qur’an is very clear about things: those who believe in God and the Last Day and do good works have an eternal reward. (There is no mention of membership of particular cults or of bowing to black boxes to be found between its covers.)

However, the Qur’an is equally clear about punishment. And a point it emphasises is that the evildoers are walking – and in some cases running – towards a lake of fire. And that this fire will be their home for eternity.

I would like you to remember that when you think of the evildoers of the past: the Rothschilds, the J.P. Morgans, the Rockefellers, and the other schemers and scammers of, say, a hundred years ago.

They are contemporary enough for us to find clips of them on YouTube. The arrogance, the contempt for mankind, the air of entitlement – it colours their every move. You can see it in their faces: they think they will never die.

But they did.

After a lifetime creating evil and corruption and destroying the livelihood of millions, what do you think happened to them as they shuffled off this mortal coil? Do you think they were met on a plush red carpet by a host of sycophantic angelic interns bearing perfect Martinis and choice picks from Maxims and neatly folded hand towels?

Not according to the Qur’an they weren’t.

They denied their maker; they caused corruption on the earth; they did no good works (even their ‘philanthropy’ was self-serving and corrupt). And they are now in everlasting Hell.

If you haven’t done so, check out some YouTube videos by people who died and went to Hell and then came back. And don’t limit yourself to Christian claims, either. There are some compelling accounts by previously secular Jews which are well worth watching.

You will quickly see that a particular type of Christianity has cornered the life-after-death market and would have you come to conclusions which are in keeping with its doctrinal assumptions. However, if you take my advice and broaden your search, you will see that the references which colour NDEs in Hell are largely dependent upon the background and worldview of the person involved.

But the constants are both undeniable and sobering: Hell is – well – hellish. It is a punishment of the most horrendous kind. There is no time there (Eternity just is) so there is no end. And because there is no end there is also no hope.

It matters nothing who you are or what tribe you belong to or what wealth you had – God’s judgment is righteous and inescapable.

Members of the so-called elite are not able to hire public relations companies to smooth out the crumples in that particular sheet. Their deeds – like ours – are waiting for them.

And the outlook for them is not good.

I’m not saying don’t fight the so-called elite. Sure, fight these evil Satanic corrupters of morals and goodness. But also remember where they are going – and don’t get so wrapped up in fighting them that you end up following them there.

Make your peace with God. Serve him alone. And be a smart investor. To quote words ascribed to Jesus:

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. (Matt. 6:20)

The Qur’an is clear:

  • God gives evildoers the opportunity to do more wrong in this life so he can increase their punishment
  • Those who seek support from idols (such as the elite) end up in the fire
  • Those who follow the ungodly will regret it forever
  • This life is an illusion
  • This life is over in a very short while
  • Even if the so-called elite get the life extension they desire, it would make no difference
  • However clever the schemers think they are, God is cleverer

Some Qur’anic verses on this subject

And let not those who are indifferent to warning think that we but reprieve them good for their souls.
We but reprieve them that they might increase in falsehood.
And they have a humiliating punishment(3:178)

God is the ally of those who heed warning.
He brings them out of darkness into the light.
And those who are indifferent to warning, their allies are idols.
They bring them out of the light into darkness.
These are the companions of the fire
Wherein they abide eternally. (2:257)

And had those who do wrong seen
When they will see the punishment
(That power belongs to God altogether
And that God is the Severe in Punishment)
When those who were followed will disown those who followed
And they will see the punishment
And the connections between them will be cut off
And those who followed will say:
Were we to return we would disown them just as they have disowned us[…] Thus will God show them their deeds as regrets for them
And they will not come out of the fire. (2:165-167)

Know that the life of this world is but play
And diversion
And adornment
And mutual boasting among you
And competition for increase in wealth and children.
Like the example of a rain: it impresses the atheists with its growth
Then it withers and thou seest it turn to yellow
Then it becomes chaff.
And in the hereafter is severe punishment and forgiveness and good pleasure from God.
And the life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception(57:20)

They ask thee about the Hour
When its arrival will be:
What is any reminder thereof to thee?
To thy lord is the finality thereof.
Thou but warnest him who fears it.
The day they see it will be as though
They have not tarried save an evening
Or a morning thereof. 

One of them would love to be given the span of a thousand years
But it would not remove him from the punishment were he to be given the span.
And God sees what they do(2:96)

And they schemed.
And God schemed.
And God is the best of schemers. (3:54)

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