The faith to see past Big Brother

We are not doomed to an Orwellian future

Orwell’s 1984 is a piece of deeply prophetic Realagitprop.

Both the title and other terms which the book spawned such as Big Brother have entered the popular culture. They are shorthand for oppressive, totalitarian regimes in which truth is subjective and malleable, and the population carefully watched.

Sounds all too familiar.

Orwell’s book ends in hopelessness. Power is said to be good for its own sake, and the infliction of pain upon another is the definition of power. The abiding image is that of a boot stamping on a human face forever.

Whether this is what Orwell himself envisaged, we don’t know. But we have good reason to suppose that this is what he thought the ruling elite envisages. He was groomed and initiated to be one of their culture-creating quislings and began as a propagandist for the BBC.

But he went off the reservation.

Seen in Orwell’s terms, the future is, indeed, nothing but bleak. Those who have seen through media lies and the indoctrination of education are aware of an increasingly ubiquitous – and iniquitous – system of full spectrum dominance poised above them waiting to deliver the coup de grâce.

It would be crashingly naive, if not downright stupid, to assume that once the New World Order has attained the total lock-down it regards as its right that it will start handing out free candy and hugs.

No, it will start stamping on faces.

It is easy to be frozen by the icy wind of creeping fear. Those who are awake can be feel frustrated and rendered hopeless by the knowledge they have.

The milksop thrown to them by the emerging counter-culture of ‘awakedness’ is the idea that if enough more people wake up, things will change. And they try to shake others out of their stupor, only to find that most people prefer stupor to the shattering of accustomed illusions.

The difference becomes that between a cow on a cattle truck heading towards the abattoir who knows that is where the truck is going, and one who does not know. The fact of the cow’s knowing makes no difference to the final destination.

The cows which prefer ignorance at least travel more easily and arrive in better shape.

So how to negotiate this impasse?

For a Quranite – one who believes the Qur’an without subscribing to a religion created much later – the primary coordinates are clear, and they put Big Brother and the ruling elite firmly within a broader context:

  • Death is not the end – there is a Judgment
  • God is the creator of all things and the return of all journeys
  • This life is a test
  • It is God who gives life and death
  • Every soul will die
  • There is inherent virtue in doing good for the pleasure of God

Some verses on this subject

Praise belongs to God
The Lord of All Mankind
The Almighty, the Merciful
Master of the Day of Judgment(1:2-4)

That is God
Your lord.
There is no god save he
Creator of all things.
So serve him.
And he is guardian over all things.
Vision comprehends him not
But he comprehends vision.
He is the Subtle, the Aware(6:102-103)

And we will try you with something of fear and hunger and loss of wealth and lives and fruits.
And bear thou glad tidings to the patient
Those who when misfortune befalls them say: We belong to God and to him are we returning. (2:155-156)

How will you deny God?
When you were dead:
He gave you life.
Then will he give you death.
Then will he give you life.
Then to him will you be returned. (2:28)

Every soul will taste death.
And we try you with evil and with good as a means of denial.
And to us will you be returned(21:35)

And uphold the duty
And give the purity.
And what good you send ahead for your souls
You will find it with God.
God sees what you do(2:110)

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