The God protocol: how to overthrow tyranny

How to overthrow the satanic system of tyranny under which we live?

Is it even possible?

The answer, historically, is: yes. But we need a paradigm shift first. We need to wave away some of the smoke and deal with hard realities.

Just as we are conditioned to believe that the idea of government is a real, legitimate and necessary truth, that vaccines are good for us, that the nightly News is true, and that supporting a parasitic banking caste is the only natural order, so we are brought up to believe that the number of supporters an idea has is an indication of its merit.

This idea underpins the farce which is democracy. And like much of the rest of what this system teaches us, it is well-sounding nonsense.

To deal with basics first: I don’t believe in democracy. If you have the temerity to say this out loud, people look at you as though you had just stamped on a baby rabbit.

Well, I don’t believe in it. And my argument is quite simple. Look around you: what percentage of the people you have met in your life is highly intelligent and capable of sustained, independent thought?


The elite doesn’t believe in democracy, either. It knows most people are both stupid and gullible. It knows it because it has invested huge resources – resources we provided them with – in ensuring we turned out this way.

The elite believes the natural order (at least pre-cull) is for a highly intelligent minority to use the limitless resources produced by the herd to manipulate that herd.

And this is one reason it pushes the idea of group-think down our throats.

If they can get us to doubt ourselves – to question the evidence of our own eyes and mind – we inescapably incline to the lowest common denominator. And the lowest common denominator is low, and fated to sink lower still.

The popular idea we have inculcated in us from birth is that the more inclusive, the more ‘tolerant’ we are – i.e. the more readily we give up and compromise on any sort of firm position – the more virtuous we become.

On the surface of it, pleasing more people rather than fewer seems desirable. But it is another instance of that weaponised reasoning which – like so much of the rest of Cultural Marxism – sounds reasonable and cuddly at an emotional level, but is outed as errant foolishness once you take a monkey wrench and start methodically prodding about under the hood of its assumptions.

The truth is: the majority changes nothing. It is a blind force which serves the purposes of those who know how to use it. If it is well led, it does well. If it is poorly led, it does poorly.

Previously, we had an open nobility. That nobility had a duty to those it ruled: noblesse oblige. The point – at least for me – is not that we have a ruling caste. It is that the ruling caste is corrupt and failing in its obligations.

The ruling elite cares nothing for the idiotic notions of equality and democracy it foists on the rest of us. It comprises a minuscule fraction of one percent. Yet it has all the money, makes all the rules, and plans the re-engineering of entire continents with the same patience, foresight, funding and inter-generational consistency as brought forth the great cathedrals of Europe. The elite has no illusions about how things really work.

What I find curious is that faith in group-think is popular even among those who are genuinely awake to the broader picture – i.e. among those who should know better. These people daily trot out the maxim that things will change if enough people ‘wake up’.

It sounds nice. I wish it were true, I really do.

But it isn’t.

The elite doesn’t care how many people wake up. Even if we have a million Alex Jones bawling into loudhailers at every crossroads in the country and ‘liking’ a billion Facebook pages critical of the status quo, the elite would not care.

The elite knows how we tick. It knows how degenerate and solipsistic even the knowledgeable among us are. And it collects and collates data that supports that opinion in huge quantities every day. This collation process is part of what the Internet is for.

Let’s say we were to gather everyone in the world who is ‘awake’. And let’s say that we had a magic wand and all we had to do for the NWO to walk into the sea was for us – all the ‘awake’ people – to sign a binding contract never to use any form of Internet technology for the rest of our lives. How many people do you think would make this level of sacrifice to see the end of tyranny?

I think we would struggle to hit 5%.

And we are talking here about a consumer item none of us had thirty years ago, not food or shelter.

Mass movements do not happen on full stomachs. The Jewish Bolsheviks who destroyed Russia in 1917 and beyond and murdered tens of millions of Russians tried first to provoke revolution by influencing the political consciousness of the rabble through ideological indoctrination.

They found it a waste of time. The masses came out onto the streets only when there was no bread in the shops.

This is the only point at which there is a mass movement of any sort: when people’s stomachs are empty. And by then the people are a blind, angry and hungry mob and easily steered in predetermined directions.

My research and reasoning has lead me to the following conclusions:

  • The ruling elite has the infrastructure for full-spectrum dominance in place. At this stage in the programme it is primarily collating data on who might be problematic downstream, and who not. It is rolling out the iron fist under the velvet glove in stages. Those stages are what most of us take for world events – or at least the reaction to said events provide the justification for the next action point in the agenda.
  • The ruling elite doesn’t care how many people ‘wake up’ because once our goodies are under real threat, we will comply. The principle difference between one who is awake and one who is not – at least in this stage in the game –is the difference between a cow on a truck to the abattoir which knows that that is where it is going, and one which doesn’t know.
  • No method for the overthrow of what we have now – i.e. Serfdom 2.0 – is possible while thinking within the terms which Serfdom 2.0 presents as solutions.
  • A worldwide tyranny such as this one existed has existed before – at the end of the Atlantean age (the civilisation of which Noah was a part). Thus, it would make sense to consider what he did which defeated that system.
  • Noah – one highly unpopular man with no Facebook ‘likes’ at all – working in obedience to God brought that system to an end by evoking what I call the God protocol. This method succeeded in defeating worldwide tyranny; ergo we should use that method.
  • If the preceding point sounds like crazy talk – which it does if you haven’t considered it before – is it really any more crazy than hoping to succeed by using tools and methods which have never succeeded?

Again, if this sounds nuts, I understand. If you meet me, I’m a calm, bookish person with a strong sense of humour – hardly a wild-eyed prophet calling down fire out of the heavens.

But we are where we are, and my conclusion is this: the longer we allow the ruling elite to define the parameters within which we perceive the possibility of freedom, the longer our efforts to break free will provide yet more grist to that same elite’s mill.

The fact is that the members of the ruling elite are very legalistic. They always tell us what they are going to do before they do it – whether it be via blockbuster films or the so-called music industry.

They don’t do this because they have a sense of humour or because they have nothing else to do with their time.

They do it because they have to do it. Satan is highly legalistic. He is not allowed to condemn you until you signal consent. On the Day of Judgment he is going to disown those who followed him. And this is why the satanic system in which we live makes sure that you know what it is doing.

Sure, it wants your money and your health and your time and your attention. But those are just hors d’oeuvres. What it is really after is the main course: your soul.

And to get it, you must be complicit.

But this fact provides a clue as to how to defeat that system, because it is legalistic for another reason also, and it is this: God is legalistic.

If you have found yourself wondering how God did not destroy certain evil systems and regimes, the answer is that those evil systems and regimes did not receive due warning. They were not put on notice.

The reason Satan cannot lay claim to our souls without the due process of obtaining our agreement (tacit or otherwise) is that God’s mechanism for destroying evil operates thus. It is a matter of due process.

At the present time, we have the Christians wedded to a well-sounding religion based largely on Paul, and the Muslims wedded to a well-sounding religion based largely on Bukhari et al. Among both groups is a subset which is vocally, actively and enthusiastically evangelising said religions, religions their nominal founders would fail to recognise. No-one is doing the job God asks believers to do which is simple and has no one-to-one correlation with any particular religion.

It is this:

  • To believe in God alone and the Day of Judgment
  • To repent of sin and do good works
  • To advise others to do the same, and to warn those who reject of the judgments of God

This is the God protocol. And it requires no priesthood or advanced degrees in theology.

It is what Noah did in Atlantis. It is what Lot did in Sodom, Moses in Egypt, and Jesus in Jerusalem. Some were heeded, such as Jonah and Muhammad. Most were not.

If we take the scriptures of God seriously, and believe in his prophets, I argue that we bear a duty to follow in their footsteps, not to lose ourselves in man-made religions.

I repeat: what I have outlined above is the modus operandi of the prophets of God. And according to my research, it is the only way to overcome the present worldwide system of tyranny. It is the solution foreseen in Daniel chapter 2 and by Jesus at Matthew 24:14.

If this doesn’t sound like the revolution you were hoping for, I understand. It’s not what I was hoping for, either.

But if we are looking for truth, we shouldn’t complain if we find it.

In summary, the Quran’s perspective on this question is this:

  • The majority is always wrong
  • Satan will disown those who follow him on the Day of Judgment
  • The prophet (in this case Muhammad) warns the believers and the believers are to warn others
  • God does not destroy a people until it has been warned

Qur’anic verses on this subject

And if thou obey most of those on the earth they will lead thee far from the path of God.
They follow only assumption.
And they tell only lies(6:116)

Like the example of the shayṭān when he says to man that he should deny:
Then when he denies he says: I am innocent of thee
I fear God, the Lord of All Mankind
So the final outcome for them is that they are in the fire
They abiding eternally therein.
And that is the reward of the wrongdoers(59:16-17)

And thus we made you an intermediary community:
That you might be witnesses to mankind
And that the messenger might be a witness to you. (2:143)

And when we intend to destroy a city we command its opulent ones
But they are wantonly perfidious therein
So the word becomes binding upon it
And we annihilate it utterly(17:16)

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