Purity: the key to strength

For those who want to be clean and strong for the battle

Many of us who get that the world is in the grip of a Satanic cabal are engaged in various plans of action aimed at putting things right.

A constant refrain is that if enough people ‘wake up’ things will change.

I don’t believe that. Or, at least, I have a very specific caveat.

What matters is the quality of those who wake up, and what they do with being awake.

Numbers mean nothing in and of themselves.

Small numbers of highly focused and dedicated men doing the right thing is of far more significance than large numbers of morally flaccid, weak, corrupt foolish men governed by their passions.

Today, of course, we are so indoctrinated we don’t even know how lost in sin we are. And the system is ready to give us our leaders: the Russell Brands, the David Ickes and the Alex Joneses – people who will collude with us in our preference for sin.

I’ve listened to such people – and many besides – and learned something from most of them.

However, they assiduously miss the core and central point: that without moral purity we will never have the juice we need for the battle.

The Qur’an is clear about what the baseline for change is:

God does not change the grace he bestows upon a people until they change what is in their souls (8:53)

It is also clear about the kind of ‘religion’ acceptable with God. It’s simple:

Whoso believes in God and the Last Day and works righteousness:
They have their reward with their lord. (2:62)

So belief is not enough. We need to work righteousness. When are we going to get the point that most of us are anything but righteous?

We’ve been trained from childhood to be immoral. And the system doesn’t train us to be immoral for no reason. It does it because this makes us weak. And it wants us weak because it wants to kill us – once it’s sucked our strength and money out of us, that is.

I was as deceived by this propaganda as anyone, having been brought up and trained to believe in moral relativism (cf. ‘It’s my life – I’m not hurting anyone, so what does it matter?’). Somewhere I had bought into the idea that depravity and licentiousness were cool and emancipating.

Mercifully, I have learned that they are not. They are a prison. Or, perhaps more correctly, a hospital with bars. A hospital where the doctors’ and nurses’ job is to keep you sick.

Every general knows that the number-one goal in defeating an enemy is to demoralise that enemy. Think about that word for a moment: de-moralise.

In 2002, the Israelis took over three TV stations in Ramallah and began pumping out pornography.

Why would that be?

It’s because pornography is a weapon. When a man wastes himself, he is weak. That should tell you everything you need to know about why we are bombarded with advertising, MTV, Hollywood – and also why online porn is made so freely available. It’s means of keeping you weak and easier to kill.

If you really want to fight the NWO here’s how you start:

  • sincerely repent to God
  • cease sinning
  • adopt God’s standards for yourself, not the world’s

If you’re still denying God, or fornicating, or engaged in usury, or downloading weaponised ‘entertainment’ into your soul, or eating unclean food, or getting drunk, don’t tell me you are fighting the NWO because you’re not. How could you? You could no more fight the NWO than a goldfish could fight the water it swims in.

But don’t beat yourself up just because you have been fooled into wasting your strength. We all have to start where we are.

But start. And do it today.

Again: don’t beat yourself up. God is merciful to those who sincerely repent and turn things around. Moses killed a man when he was in ignorance. And he was a very mighty prophet of God.


  • repent
  • get clean – physically and morally
  • stop indulging in immoral sexual practices of any kind
  • cut off illicit relations
  • stop imbibing filth
  • stop using filthy language
  • make prayer a regular part of your regime
  • put God first
  • make reading Scripture a central part of your routine
  • fast at least one day a month (unless you have a good reason not to such as pregnancy or illness)
  • seek out people who need your help and give it to them quietly
  • fear God
  • be moral

Then you’ll be able to fight the NWO – because you will already have defeated it where it matters. If you want a revolution, this is where it starts.

Our forbears were not moral because they were great. They were great because they were moral.

But let’s stop being duped. The satan is a liar and he will deny us on the Day of Judgment if we don’t wake up to his deceptions in time.

And the shayṭān will say when the matter has been concluded:
God promised you the promise of truth.
And I promised you
But I failed you.
And I had a warrant against you only to call you
But you responded to me
So blame not me
But blame yourselves.
I will not answer your cry
And you will not answer mine.
I deny your ascribing to me a partnership before.
The wrongdoers: for them is a painful punishment. (14:22)

We have been trained to be worse than animals. Yet our calling is to greatness. And we  only exclude ourselves from the circle of that attainment if we waste ourselves and pollute our souls with the Satanic system.

In the Qur’an, God outlines his straight path:

Say thou: Come, I will recite to you what your lord has made unlawful for you:
That you ascribe a partnership with him to anything
(While towards parents good conduct)
And kill not your children out of poverty
(We will provide for you and for them)
And approach not sexual immoralities
(Whether open or concealed)
And kill not the soul which God has made unlawful
Save aright.
That he enjoined upon you
That you might use reason.
And approach not the property of the fatherless
(Save with what is better)
Until he reach his maturity.
And fulfil the measure and the balance with equity
(We task not any soul save to its capacity)
And when you speak be just
(Though he be a relative)
And the pledge of God fulfil.
That he commanded you
That you might take heed.
And this is my straight path
So follow it.
And follow not other ways
For then will you be parted from his way.
That he commanded you
That you might be in prudent fear. (6:151-153)

Here are a few more pertinent verses:

God loves those who repent.
And he loves those who purify themselves(2:222)

God will say: This is the day in which the truthful are benefited by their truthfulness.
They have gardens beneath which rivers flow
They abiding eternally therein forever
God pleased with them and they with him.
That is the tremendous achievement. (5:119)

O you who heed warning: turn to God in sincere repentance.
It may be that your lord will remove from you your evil
And make you enter gardens beneath which rivers flow(66:8)

And those who heed warning and do deeds of righteousness are made to enter gardens beneath which rivers flow
They abiding eternally therein by the leave of their lord.
Their greeting therein is: Peace(14:23)

In closing

The NWO is a short-term construct. Every one of us is going toward Eternity. My recommendation is to get there in the best possible shape. If you want something worth striving for, this is it.

But to continue to drink the NWO Kool-Aid of immorality and denial of your maker while claiming to be fighting for what is right and true is to deceive yourself.

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Sam Gerrans is an English writer and speaker with professional backgrounds in media, strategic communications, and technologies. He is driven by commitment to ultimate meaning, and focused on authentic approaches to revelation and Realpolitik. He is founder of Quranite.com and author of The Qur’an: A Complete Revelation where his consistent, Qur'an-centric hermeneutical methodology is applied to the text of the Qur’an in its entirety. Read more...

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