The moral face of evil

Evil doesn’t see itself as evil

The ruling elite believes it has a right to rule the rest of us.

More than that, it believes it has an obligation to do so.

Many in the 9/11 truth movement, patriot community and so on are engaged. They get what is going on, and they are out there fighting for what they see as goodness and freedom.

That’s all well and good. But we also need to understand how those we have chosen to pit ourselves against see us.

They see us as a herd to be managed. They think we are stupid. In fact, they know we are stupid. They have the statistics to prove it.

Every day billions absorb their weaponised news, consume their weaponised food, accept their weaponised vaccines, and repeat their weaponised opinions. It would be surprising if they didn’t have utter contempt for those they rule.

But it would be a mistake to dismiss them purely as evil. Of course, they are evil – but they don’t see it that way.

Nobody thinks he is evil.

The ruling elite has a strict code. It has a form of morality. There is a caste system within its ranks, but those who comprise it all think that they are rational and that we – the masses – are children who need the oversight of a guardian class.

From their perspective, if we were capable of rule, we would be in charge and doing nasty things to them. For them, might is right not only politically, but philosophically.

The distinction is this: if I take your lunch money from you in the playground because I am bigger than you and if you try to do anything about it I smash your face in – that’s a political fact. I’m bigger and stronger than you and I can do what I like.

Most people get this. Some get angry about it. And a few try to fight it.

But this is not quite how the ruling elite thinks.

The ruling elite sees it this way: the fact that they are bigger and stronger than us implies an obligation to smash our faces in and take our lunch money.

Their worldview is closer to that of The White Man’s Burden than it is to mere bullying.

The problem with many of those good, engaged people who are trying to fight what they see as evil (and I don’t disagree: it is evil) is that they impose their own perspective of morality upon those who are at the top of this pyramid. They begin from the premise: what sort of person would I need to be to do such things?

And because they are decent human beings themselves, they end up with a completely wrong idea of the mindset of those they are fighting.

For them to do the things the ruling elite does would require the bankrupting of their morality.

But for the ruling elite, what it does is an expression of its morality. Evil seems good to those who have forgotten God.

It may seem that the evildoers have the upper hand today. But their plan is weak. They are going to die just like the rest of us.

If you have had enough of what the so-called ruling elite is doing in this life, be sure to get your house in order with God or they will deceive you into following them into Hell forever.

And they are going to Hell forever.

Which is why they are not in a hurry to die.

The Qur’an’s perspective is this:

  • A man’s primary responsibility in this life is to acknowledge God, to serve him, and to do good works – anyone who does this has his reward
  • Evil is made to seem good to the evildoers
  • The fact that evildoers confuse evil with good makes no difference to their punishment
  • Each of us is judged by his works
  • The final abode of the evildoers is in Hell

Some Qur’anic verses on this topic

(Those who heed warning
And those who hold to Judaism
And the Nazarenes
And the Sabaeans
Whoso believes in God and the Last Day and works righteousness:
They have their reward with their lord
And they need not fear
Nor will they regret.) (2:162)

Made fair is the life of this world for those who are indifferent to warning
And they deride those who heed warning.
But those who are in prudent fear will be above them on the Day of Resurrection
And God gives to whom he wills without reckoning(2:212)

He it is who made you successors in the earth.
And whoso denies:
His denial is upon him.
And the denial of those who spurn guidance while claiming virtue increases them not in the sight of their lord save in abomination.
And the denial of those who spurn guidance while claiming virtue increases them not save in loss(35:39)

And thus appoint we in every city its greatest evildoers
That they should scheme therein.
And they scheme only against themselves
And they perceive not. (6:123)

That day will men come out
To be shown their deeds.
Then whoso does the weight of an atom of good will see it.
And whoso does the weight of an atom of evil will see it(99:6-8)

And among men is he who takes as equals other than God
Loving them with a love like the love for God.
And those who heed warning are firmer in love for God.
And had those who do wrong seen
When they will see the punishment
(That power belongs to God altogether
And that God is the Severe in Punishment)
When those who were followed will disown those who followed
And they will see the punishment
And the connections between them will be cut off
And those who followed will say:
Were we to return we would disown them just as they have disowned us[…] Thus will God show them their deeds as regrets for them
And they will not come out of the fire. (2:165-167)

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