The sky in the Qur’an

Who needs proof when you have CGI?

We are brought up today with a conception of the earth and the heavens which is broadly mythological.

According to this mythology Earth is a ball spinning at a 1,000 mph at the equator. The ball is governed by a magic energy called gravity.

This magic energy is strong enough to withstand the centrifugal forces in play and keep the oceans attached to the surface, but weak enough to allow pollen to float about in the air.

Something isn’t right.

And whatever it is that isn’t right isn’t going to get an airing under the current informational regime.

As an example of how the cultural mythos is kept within predetermined lines, in the UK we had a very famous and popular environmentalist and broadcaster called David Bellamy. He was typically seen stomping thought undergrowth exploring and explaining what he found there to younger Brits on the BBC in the 1980s and early 1990s.

However, as the ‘global warming’ agenda was being rolled out (it was later repurposed as ‘climate change’ to ensure against all eventualities) Bellamy refused to pretend that what he knew to be a lie was in fact the truth.

And that was the end of his career.

The last thing this system will let us have is real evidence. Its dogmata are based on hypothesis and myth (for example Star Trek), and the ridicule or marginalisation of those who question or express dissent.

If you question the spinning-ball narrative, you are simply an idiot. Why you are an idiot is never explained. All the smart people say it’s a ball, so it is a ball.

The fact that your daily experience and evidence of your own eyes bear no correlation to this doesn’t matter.

The sky – according to the mainstream consensus – is a set of fine atmospheric layers which separates the spinning ball (hurtling round at breakneck speed) from the vacuum of Space.

Yes, that’s right. The barrier between an air-filled eco-system and what they tell us is the limitless vacuum of Space lies, well, nothing.

Does that make sense to you?

I have never been high enough to verify these claims for myself. But on the other hand, what I see come out of NASA is clearly fakery. And not even very good fakery.

The supposed moon landings are proven forgeries (and contain glaring schoolboy mistakes). And I feel no obligation to believe a proven liar no matter how huge his annual PR budget.

The Qur’an, on the other hand, has proven true in my experience in the face of both modern myth and the facile claims of religions – including that religion which claims the Qur’an as its holy book.

And you may be interested in reviewing some of what there is about the sky in the Qur’an.

While the following points are not an exhaustive list but do cover most the Qur’an’s main assertions regarding the sky:

  • The sky is a structure (i.e. something constructed, and made of something physical)
  • The water we have here comes from the sky
  • The sky has gates or doors
  • The constellations of the stars are set in the sky (they are constellations, not unrelated stars)
  • The sky can fall in pieces
  • The sky is a roof
  • At the end of the age the sky will be rolled up
  • At the end of the age the sky will be rent
  • The sky contains (i.e. holds within it) a lamp (the sun) and the ‘light-giving moon’ (the moon creates its own light
  • Men cannot escape either in the earth or in the sky
  • God can cause pieces of the sky to fall upon men
  • The sky and earth were not created in vain
  • The earth is fixed (i.e. not moving) and the sky is a structure
  • The sky was formed out of smoke
  • The sky will again produce smoke which will cause suffering for those on Earth (chemtrails?)
  • The sky contains no gaps
  • The sky contains paths or pathways
  • At the end of the age the sky will be shaken
  • God raised the sky
  • The sky will be rent and become rosy like oil
  • At the end of the age the sky will crack open
  • At the end of the age the sky will be removed
  • At the end of the age the sky will crack open and the stars scatter

Some Qur’anic verses

Who made the earth for you a carpet
And the sky a structure
And sent down from the sky water

Then brought forth thereby some fruits as provision for you.
So make not equals to God.
And you know. (2:22)

And what God sent down of water from the sky then gave life thereby to the earth after its death (2:164)

Those who repudiate our proofs and are proud towards them
For them the gates of the sky will not be opened
Nor will they enter the garden any more than a twisted rope can pass through the eye of a needle.
And thus we requite the evildoers(7:40)

And we have set in the sky constellations
And made them fair for the beholders (15:16)

Or thou cause the sky to fall – as thou hast claimed – upon us in pieces (17:92)

And we made the sky a roof protected
And they are disinclined towards its proofs (21:32)

(The day we roll up the sky
Like the rolling up of a scroll for the laws.
As we began the first creation we will repeat it.)
A promise upon us:
We are to do it(21:104)

And the day the sky with the clouds are rent asunder and the angels are sent down in succession (25:25)

Blessed be he who has made in the sky constellations
And made therein a torch
And an illuminating moon(25:61)

And you cannot escape in the earth or in the sky.
And you have besides God neither ally nor helper(29:22)

Have they not considered what is at their time and what following them of the sky and the earth?
If we will we can make the earth swallow them
Or cause pieces of the sky to fall upon them.
In that is a proof for every repentant servant. (34:9)

And we created not the sky and the earth and what is between them in vain.
That is the assumption of those who are indifferent to warning.
And woe to those who are indifferent to warning from the fire! (38:27)

God it is who made for you the earth a fixed lodging
And the sky a structure
And fashioned you
And made good your forms
And made provision of good things for you.
That is God
Your lord.
So blessed be God
The Lord of All Mankind(40:64)

Then he turned towards the sky when it was smoke and said to it and to the earth:
Come, willingly or unwillingly. (41:11)

So wait thou for the day the sky will bring obvious smoke
Covering the people.
This is a painful punishment!
Our lord: remove thou from us the punishment
We are believers!
(How will the reminder be for them when a clear messenger had come to them
Then turned they away from him and said: One taught, possessed?) (44:10-14)

Have they not then looked at the sky above them
How we constructed it and made it fair?
And there are no gaps therein(50:6)

By the sky possessing paths
You are in speech differing! 

The day the sky will be utterly shaken (52:9)

And the sky, he raised it (55:7)

And when the sky is rent asunder and becomes rosy like oil
Then which of the blessings of your lord will you repudiate? 

So how will you be in prudent fear – if you deny – of a day which will make the children white-haired
Wherein the sky will crack open?
His promise will be fulfilled. (73:17-18)

And when the writings are spread
And when the sky is removed
And when Hell is set ablaze
And when the garden is brought near
A soul will know what it brought(81:10-14)

When the sky cracks
And when the stars scatter
And when the seas are poured out
And when the graves are strewn
A soul will know what it sent ahead and left behind(82:1-5)

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